Aquinas Circle continues its work

The St. Ephrem Aquinas Circle continues their work on New York Infrastructure in coordination with Bishop Kearney High School. On reflection of her work in the group Mia Franki stated “For my sanitation building, I am using the laser cutter and the 3-D printer. The reason I’m using two machines is because I can’t make a dome with the laser cutter because it can’t fold that way so I went with the 3-D printer.” The 6th -8th-grade students chosen for this program will present their completed project at the Aquinas Expo early next year.

Annabella Colavito working on,, a design tool which allows you turn ideas into a CAD model for a 3D printer

Annabella and Mrs. Bardo watching the laser printer produce her model.

Mia Franki and Christian Daloul watch production of Mia’s design.

Additional Photos