How do I enter a Google Classroom

Please follow these instructions to join your Google classrooms if you have never done so before.

  • 0pen
  • Click sign in
  • Use your account and password
  • Click the nine buttons on top of the page to open the drop-down menu.
  • Click Classroom
  • Click the cross to add a new class
  • click Join class
  • Enter the code given by your teacher
  • Click “join”
  • Congratulations you are now enrolled. 

St. Ephrem Eagle: Issue 5 Vol 2 – 11/519

St. Ephrem presents The Eagle.

The weekly newsletter to keep you up to date on all the highlights of the past week of learning.

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Issue 5 Vol 2

Issue 4 Vol 2

Issue 3 Vol 2 The September Round-Up Special

Issue 2 Vol 2

Welcome back all,

Here is the first issue of The Eagle for the new school year. 

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How do I register for Khan Academy?

Please follow the following instructions if you are having difficulty properly signing up for your class in Khan academy.  

Open Khan Academy

Click Login:


Sign in using your school email account with google


Enter your school google information or click accept if you already see it.

Click on teachers:

Enter the code for your class.  Going into 6th grade: SQG3ZN5Q / Going into 7th grade: CFFVQ9M5 / Going into 8th grade: HV9NG2N5

Once you are registered for the class a teacher will have to finalize you as being a member.  This may take up to a day but if you e-mail or we can expedite the process. 

Once completed you will now see a new section marked “your class” and “assignments” Click assignments 

You should now see all of the listed assignments.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the e-mail addresses listed above.