All Saints’ Day Prayer Service

One of the highlights of the year is the 1st grade’s All Saints’ Day prayer service.  Thank you to Mrs. Polizzotto for all of her work in preparing the event, and thank you to so many parents who came out to celebrate with us. 

Halloween at St. Ephrem

Halloween kicked off this year with the annual Halloween party and continued through Wednesday when students, faculty, and staff got into their costumes and had a great time. 

Friday’s Halloween party:

Halloween in the classrooms:

St. Ephrem Marches in the Ragamuffin Parade

St. Ephrem Catholic Academy students gathered to march together for the first time under the school banner at the 52nd annual Ragamuffin Parade.  This long-standing tradition features youngsters marching in their costumes as they gear up for Halloween.  This year our own James Jarah won in the individual costume category for his costume “I washed up on Shore Road”

Big thank you to all those that came out to march and cheer on our little guys and gals.  


Congratulations 8th graders

St. Ephrem Catholic Academy 8th graders received the Sacrament of Confirmation conferred by Bishop Tiedemann

We would like to thank the faculty, family, and friends who have guided and will continue to guide these young souls throughout their lives. 

It was the first class of St. Ephrem Catholic Academy to receive and we welcome you to a greater part of your lives in faith. 

St. Ephrem Catholic Academy Welcomes You

St. Ephrem Catholic Academy is officially open.  The parish community came together with Bishop Massa to bless our new Academy. 

We are so happy to welcome new and returning faculty, students and parents.  

We hope to live up to the legacy of St. Ephrem Catholic School!


Welcome to LabLearner

St. Ephrem Catholic Academy is proud to partner with LabLearner.  Students have already begun their new science curriculum and entered a new age of hands-on learning.  All students in grades Pre-K through 8th will now have the ability to not only learn about how the world work around them, but also to experience it, by conducting weekly experiments to gain knowledge the way it should be acquired.  By doing it themselves! 

Academy Uniforms

St. Ephrem Catholic Academy will be using Tommy Hilfiger Uniforms for the 2018/19 school year.  Our school code is STEP02  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school’s office at 718-833-1440 

Spring/ Fall Uniforms:




Winter uniforms:






Summer Camp Registration Still Going On

Dont forget that St. Ephrem Schools offers a fun and interactive summer camp. This year it is from Monday July 2- Friday August 10. 

Options for either 5 day a week or 3 day a week program. 

Filled with fun and activities all summer long. 

For further registration instructions please click here:

Also, Summer Enrichment registration will start on Monday, May 21, 2018.