Catholic Schools Week

St. Ephrem Catholic School celebrates a week of fun and prayer to celebrate all the things that make Catholic education special.

Monday kicked off with a visit from the Harlem Magic Masters 

In the morning, our students gathered to experience an amazing display by the Harlem Magic Masters. Students watched and participated in various tricks and received a positive message about themselves and how to treat others.

Teachers got in on the fun too…

And even Fr. Adamo learned a new trick…


Thank you, Harlem Magic Masters for giving us a great kick off to Catholic Schools Week.

Monday concluded with our 8th grades lending a helping hand with the kindergarten 



Tuesday was Career Day

Students learned about all of the exciting jobs that will be available to them when they grow up.

From the emergency workers to attorneys, the students welcomed a wide variety of guests. 

The First grade meets JC the K9 units bomb-sniffing dog. 


Nurse Claire let the students know what it took to work in a hospital. 

The 4th grade learns about fire safety 


The police continue to capture the students’ imagination

Our own Msgr. Theo came to speak to the students about the vocation of becoming a priest. 

Wednesday was St. Ephrem’s chance to reflect on what makes Catholic Schools special, our faith. 

The day kicked off with our lower grade Religion Bee.  Congratulations to Sophia Creo for taking 1st place. 


Our day to celebrate our faith continued with the Rosary Rally with a special dedication for Fr. Jim serving overseas.

Thursday was all about culture

Each class took a trip to a cultural institution in our great city.


 Kindergarten learns about the fine arts at Pinot’s Pallet 




First and second grade braved the cold and headed out to the South Street Seaport. 

3rd and 4th grades headed off to Madame Tussaud’s 

Friday we closed our Catholic Schools Week with our annual Student-Faculty Basketball Game. 

Chalk up another victory for the faculty