Claudia Nigro

I have been a Physical Education teacher for 11 years.  As a Physical Education teacher, it is my unique responsibility to promote physical fitness and introduce students to new sports every year.  I have introduced students to ultimate frisbee, tennis, and team handball.  This year I look forward to introducing badminton, flag football, and to having my students run in Rising NYRR races. Through the Presidential Active Lifestyle challenge, I encourage students to become active.  It is my belief that that daily physical activity fosters physical, spiritual, and mental wellness.  It is my personal philosophy that students who are physically active on a daily basis lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.  I also teach my students about personal growth and how to set goals for themselves.  I lead by example as I am about to run in my fourth NYC marathon and have run 11 half marathons.  I have two children who attend St Ephrem Catholic Academy because of the excellent Catholic education it offers as well as a myriad of sports programs. 

Elementary school: PS 236/Roy H Mann JHS

High School: Bishop Kearney High School

College: St John’s University