Faculty and Staff

Our Pastor, Rev. Robert Adamo, and his Pastoral staff strive to be actively involved in the religious formation of the students and support our skilled teachers. The mission of Catholic education is to lead those entrusted to our care to find salvation in Jesus Christ. By doing this we hope that our students will make a positive difference in the world. We strive to educate the whole child spiritually, academically, morally, socially, and physically in partnership with parents.

Reverend Robert B. AdamoPastor
Mr. Craig MercadoPrincipal
Mr. Sylvester Sichenze – Board Chair
Mrs. Donna Colon – Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Michele James – Business Manager


Early Childhood
Pre-K 3
Mrs. Rosa Ameno Cataudella – Teacher
Mrs. Angela Micali– Aide

Mrs. Giovanna Marchese – Teacher
Ms. Anna Accetta – Aide

Lower School
Ms. Marie Pascarella– Teacher
Mrs. Arianna DeVito – Aide

First grade
Mrs. Donna Polizzotto – Teacher
Ms. Maria D’Alessandro – Aide

Second Grade
Mrs. Gina Costagliola

Third Grade
Ms. Veronica Ruggiero 
Mrs. Gina Leshi – Aide

Fourth Grade (ELA 4 and 5 and SS 4)
Ms. Susan Maher

Fifth Grade (Math 4 and 5 / Religion 5)
Mr. Keith O’Hare (Math and Science)

Fifth Grade (Science and Religion 4 and 5)
Mrs. Barbara Stella  

Upper School
Mrs. Mary Curry – 6th Grade Homeroom (6-8 ELA)
Mr. Marcelo Carvalho– 7th Grade Homeroom (6-8 Science)
Mr. Anthony Martinez – 7th Grade Homeroom (6-8, Social Studies)
Mrs. Michelle Emeh – 8th Grade (6-8 Math)

Special Subjects
Mrs. Roseanne ParchmentVisual Arts
Ms. Jennifer DeGaetoComputer/Technology (6th and 7th Grade Religion)
Mrs. Claudia NigroPhysical Education
Mr. Kerrin QuinnMusic
Mrs. Peggy Tomasi Resource Room, Writing program specialist (8th Grade Religion)

Other services

PDHP – counseling