Rosa Ameno

Knowing that I am making a positive difference in the life of a child, partaking in their physical and emotional growth is the most gratifying gift I can receive. As an Educator, I always strive to do my very best, giving the students my absolute all. I feel that what you put into life is what you get back, and I can honestly say that my rewards are immense. Noticing the positive progress within each of my students satisfies my purpose as a teacher. It is extremely important for me to create a positive, comfortable and secure environment for my students; one that supports their cognitive, social and emotional growth as they embark on their very first journey academically. My goal is for each of my students to have a strong academic foundation with a love for school and learning. To me, education is not only the key to success but also to life’s fulfillment. 

Grade School: P.S. 48
Middle School: Edward B. Shallow
High School: Bishop Kearney 
College: New York University